Our Mission

The Store Front Project was inspired by the amazing response to The Front Store Project - a pay-it-forward initiative where photographers captured people on their porches and in turn they were asked to buy something as a means to support local businesses during the stay at home ordinance set in place in Spring 2020. A time when sales and operations were drastically cut and struggling to figure out how to stay in business.

The Store Front Project’s mission is to showcase businesses and their owners by telling the stories of their struggles and triumphs during these times of uncertainty.  Like the porch project, a group of volunteer photographers set out to capture the people behind the businesses as a way of giving the members of The Front Porch Project an idea of who they actually are so graciously supporting. 

These business owners are our friends and our neighbors. We attend church with them. Our children attend the same schools, play sports, and perform on the same stages together. We shop at the same stores and are stuck in the same traffic around town. We have the same favorite restaurants and snowball stands! We see each other walking the lakes or riding bikes down the street. 

These are everyday people that keep our economy and communities sewn together through the thread of local business we love here in the greater Baton Rouge area. They are important everyday people that really need our support and connection right now. Together with the beautiful souls that joined us in the porch project, The Store Front Project is completely inspired to create the connection between them and the people in our amazing communities. 

~  We are in this together and we will get through this together. Sign Up Today!

Let’s join in this unity project together!

Look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood! Within social distancing requirements, of course!